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New! Parade Packs

What’s the story behind the Parade Pack? Read more to learn how 70 years with our fans inspired us to try a little something different. Send us an email and let us know what you think!

We take pride in being a part of so many milestones and celebrations with our fans – from graduations, weddings, and holidays, to participating in iconic Chicago parades for nearly a generation. While our celebrations have changed during this extended time at home, our passion for staying connected with our fans has not. That’s why we started thinking about more ways to bring our fans the same Garrett they know and love.

During parades, we hand out snack-size bags of Chicago’s iconic Garrett Mix, which we’re able to cook in our Chicago kitchen.

For a limited time, you can now purchase these same Garrett Mix snack-size bags – offered in a "Parade Pack," box of 12 snack-size bags (2.2oz a bag). This is the same Garrett Mix® recipe, handcrafted by our wonderful cooks every day of the week, without preservatives. The only difference is the packaging. We can seal our snack-size bags for freshness that, when unopened, will last longer in your pantry.

While we can’t be together right now, we hope this is another way to stay connected – even during a parade or picnic at home.

Happy snacking!

–Your friends at Garrett Popcorn Shops


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